We all understand the concept of creative flow — when your brain is able to create the discretionary links between disparate ideas. It feels like magic when it happens. And it is the one skill that humans will have over artificial intelligence for a long time yet. 

But how can a designer get into a state of creative flow? The answer is simple — establish a strong foundation through sound brand strategy before even starting the creative process.

A simple solution it may be, but brand strategy takes a lot of grit and hard work, from market research, brand workshops, collaborative thinking and re-iterations.

In our brand workshops, we work with clients to establish the four pillars of the brand — purpose, positioning, personality and promise. We investigate the core values of the company, the business strategic aims, the market and competition. We look for ways to create a new category of which the brand can become the leader. We establish the brand's personality that customers will interact with.

And that's when the design process begins. Armed with a complete and comprehensive understanding of what the brand needs to communicate, that blissful period of creative flow can be embraced, ultimately producing the most original and engaging results.