As Australia experiences a surge in international and domestic travellers, the new breed of discerning travellers expect a fully immersive experience from their hotel stay. Guests are increasingly looking to hotels for a complete brand experience, where the personality and promise is consistently delivered by engaging all the senses.

In particular, the sense of smell is the most immediate of all the senses. The olfactory system is directly linked to the limbic system, which plays a major role in regulating mood, memory, behaviour and emotion. 

Fragrance design is critical to help customise the hotel experience. Many hoteliers are placing cafes and bakeries within the social spaces that welcome guests into hotels with aromas that are warm, welcoming and familiar. 

With its documented impact on memory and emotion, scent has a vital presence. Hoteliers are also investing in bespoke fragrances designed to evoke particular feelings. 

Recently, we worked with Romayne Fleming, director of Contemporary Hotels.

“We wanted to create a signature scent for Contemporary Hotels that was luxurious but reflected the relaxed beachy feel of our brand,” she says. “We manage distinctively different luxury villas, so it was important that the fragrance didn’t overwhelm. Kirsty helped us develop a brand fragrance that welcomed our guests with warmth and personality.”

Fragrance design is indeed a topic very close to my heart, having worked closely with fragrance specialists to develop my own Enfants Paradis botanical range, specifically designed to meet the needs of travellers. The result? “Enfants Paradis' divine botanical serums …. a cult brand.” — SUNDAY STYLE MAGAZINE. 

If you are considering the total sensory experience for your hospitality venue, let’s talk about how we can develop your own cult signature fragrance.

Kirsty Ludbrook