We know that over 64% of people base their loyalty to brands on shared values. As travellers are becoming more conscious of the needs of sustainability, hoteliers are developing environmental strategies that run through the entire business model.

Guests are looking for authenticity and unique experiences. Incorporating sustainable practices into hotels has a long-term value. 

A sustainability strategy that is part of the hotel’s DNA — permeated throughout the entire customer journey — can imbue the hotel narrative with personality, whilst ensuring guests have an understanding of the mission. 

As stewards of the guest experience, hotels have a unique opportunity to advocate environmental support in a conversational way to an engaged audience. Even simple initiatives, such as reducing water and electricity use, and asking guests to reuse items, are an opportunity to take an active role in communicating the most pressing environmental issues of our day.

“We’ve seen firsthand how a single collective action by a dedicated group of people can create a world of difference,” says 1% For The Planet, an organisation that supports the environment through a community of businesses and individuals who commit 1% of their totally revenue annually. 

A great example is at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort in Fiji, where guest experiences such as diving, snorkelling, and medicine walks are tailored to focus on environmental issues so guests can take sustainability lessons home with them to put into practice.

Australia is one of only 4 travel destinations that sit on both the top 15 lists for desirability and sustainability, which is a great headstart. Hotels can design their customer experiences with this in mind, and actively lead environmental initiatives, whilst appealing to the growing number of conscious consumers who care about the values of the hotels where they choose to stay.

If you are considering the total customer experience for your hospitality venue, let’s talk about how we can develop your sustainability strategy.

Kirsty Ludbrook & Co is a member of 1% for the planet. 

Kirsty Ludbrook